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Drive brand engagement through integrated marketing sponsorships and sponsored content with top lifestyle, fashion, home, and design bloggers. Animas Media is the outdoor industry’s influencer marketing and social content creation company, focused on fostering communities, building brands and driving sales. Animas Media is more than just another do-it-yourself software tool. Their influencer marketing campaigns are always custom built — never off-the-shelf. This managed approach brings expertise to every step of the development process, resulting in influencer programs as unique and individual as your brand. Animas Media’s handpicked roster of top content creators and social media influencers is trusted, engaged, and authentic. You’ll collaborate with influencers and micro influencers that are proven, easy to work with, and invested in your success.

RhythmInfluence is an online platform dedicated to cross-platform content creation. Their proprietary tools allow you to connect with influencers on Snapchat, Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and more. Interestingly, they split their influencers into three primary categories – photo-based content, text-based content, and video content. This allows you to choose the most appropriate strategy, and find influencers who will provide the content that will engage your customers.

PopShorts specializes in mobile focused social influencer campaigns. They possess audience data on more than 50,000 influencers, so they choose who they work with deliberately. They select the best channels and influencers for a campaign, based on client goals and available data.

Fuse Marketing is a full-service digital ad agency focused on the younger generation, including Generation Z and millennials. For over 20 years, they have delivered content campaigns, consumer insights, social media campaigns, and smart influencer partnerships that help grow brands in the extreme sports and lifestyle market segment. Previous partners include Mountain Dew, HTC, UFC, Starbucks, and more.

With such an explosion of interest in Instagram, is it any surprise to find that there are many influencers using it on a daily basis. By definition, it is highly visual and an ideal medium for product promotion. Businesses are rapidly learning the advantage of partnering with social media influencers to showcase their brands. Many are hiring an influencer marketing agency to engage with these influencers across various social media channels.

We represent the largest exclusive influencer network. We create compelling content that our influencers share in the most organic way possible. Through our creative vision and influencers, we are able to deliver your brand’s message across all of the popular social media platforms.

Billion Blogs is an integrated platform with over 300,000 social media influencers across the globe. Billion Blogs has been rated as the fastest growing product in the marketing technology space by Nasscom and FICCI. Since making their pledge to onboard a billion people on the platform, they have extended their footprints in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UAE and some parts of Europe.

As consumers become increasingly numb to formal marketing messages and advertising, their trust in information from peers, social network connections and industry experts has increased. That leaves some popular advertising formats out in the cold and the brands that rely solely on paid media for amplification even colder.

Hello Society describes themselves as being engaged in influencer-powered social media marketing. They are a full-service agency, representing talented and influential creators across social media. They work with brands and other agencies to create campaigns that they use with their network of influencers.

Hypetap is an influencer agency with its own platform. The Hypetap process works like this: You create a project brief outlining your goals, find influencers you want to work with, negotiate with them on rates and digital rights, manage your relationships and measure your campaign results.

The influence of bloggers and other social media users is a topic of much discussion. This is covered in depth in Paul Gillin’s The New Influencers. 25 Brown & Hayes also cover the subject but are less convinced of the importance of the impact of social media, particularly in B2B settings.

The days of campaign-based influencer relations are gone. Quality influencers are seeking out sponsorships that are long-term and provide their followers with consistency and the influencer with enough creative leeway to produce authentic and relatable content on a continual basis by integrating the brand in ways that are authentic to their use and their lifestyle.

Agencies have the ability to understand the conversation around client needs and gain insights into the competitive landscape. That’s why agencies with influencer identification resources will help your brand to target the right influencers for always-on engagement programs. When targeting the right agency, make sure to look for global search capabilities so you can serve all markets and geographies.